What Products and Services are Offered on NearBuys?

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Because NearBuys works primarily through broadcasting, the idea is to attract local shoppers, diners, event-goers, etc. But there is no limit to what vendors can offer to potential customers on NearBuys.


When creating an offer, vendors can choose from the following categories:





Food and dining make for ideal offers in NearBuys. After all, who wants to travel far to eat? 


There are dozens of food sub-categories, including local flavor, farmer’s markets, bakeries, fast food, outdoor dining, and much more. 


Have extra tables at your restaurant? With outdoor seating or live music? Let locals and visitors know that reservations are available. Or if your clientele prefers to stay home, let them know that you’re running a special on carryout or delivery.




A NearBuys product will appeal to local shoppers who aren’t interested in yet another chain store. Think of an indie music or book shop, or a studio selling handmade clothing or jewelry. Pop-up shops are also a popular broadcast topic.


Vendors who need to clear inventory can broadcast a “must sell today” or “deep discount” offer.


Offers can be specified by category and subcategory, such as cosmetics or electronics, cars and car parts, hand-made, apparel and footwear, etc.


Out and About



Tourists in your area, and locals on a stay-cation, are always looking for things to do. 


Broadcast about hotel vacancies, event tickets, parking deals, or unique experiences like an escape room, bike tour, paint-and-sip, or ghost tour. 






Let locals know about services from spas and salons, contractors, decorators, house cleaners, auto garages, gas stations, and much more.


An HVAC company can use NearBuys to broadcast a special on air conditioning tune-ups in spring. Or a limousine rental outfit can broadcast wedding or prom specials.

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