What is NearBuys?

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NearBuys is a fun and easy platform that enables sellers to broadcast current offers to nearby consumers. 



We've taken a powerful marketing tool that the likes of Amazon, Facebook and others have been using for years and have made push notifications usable for all vendors, which on NearBuys, reduces search sidetracking and translates to one click to open any deal you create.

In this way, all of your offers are immediately consumer accessible, without costly search

Here, vendors broadcast deals in real time, which means without the offer rankings and vendor rankings inherent with most list feed algorithms added on. This is how we can say: With NearBuys all offers are created equal. 

The key benefit of NearBuys is our focus on geolocation based commerce, enabling local businesses to instantly reach potential customers within 7 miles of a specific United States ZIP code. 

Convenient proximity to an immediate offer enables sellers to offer deals that can’t wait, making NearBuys essentially a customer acquisition platform at the neighbourhood level and a must-have tool for selling perishable and time-sensitive goods and services.

Nationwide offers can also be created, with the help of our Heat Map that shows where active customers are. Our marketplace doesn't use creepy consumer personal data, consumers are happy to know, but we do allow vendors the option to use data that we provide based on geographical trends to target their offers. 

What sets us apart? 


With NearBuys, businesses can create offers about products or services, then broadcast the offers in notifications as though using their own customer facing app. (Businesses can in fact add links to their preferred selling platform, shortening the distance to their: own site's offerings, Amazon or Etsy landing page, restaurant profile on OpenTable... wherever!)  Potential customers receive notifications via the NearBuys mobile app, which also displays a running feed of current local and nationwide offers.

NearBuys is a win-win: Vendors can reach their target market without paying expensive advertising fees, or losing visibility in a typical list feed, while customers with the NearBuys app can learn what vendors are offering without searching, but while simply going about their day. 


Who Pays to Use NearBuys?


NearBuys is a multi-tiered subscription service for vendors. Higher tiers support more offers and broadcasts, and allow for additional proxy addresses and location intelligence.


The NearBuys mobile app for customers is free, and customers pay no fees to use NearBuys.


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