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To create an offer, go to your Dashboard and click Add New Offer.



Select the category and subcategory. In this example, the offer is a 2-for-1 deal at a popular, local restaurant. So the category is FOOD and the sub category is LOCAL FLAVOR.




Next, upload one or more (up to four) images, using the Add icon. Images can include logos, product photos, menu images, etc. The image with the check mark will be the default image customers will see; NearBuys app users can scroll to see all images. To delete an image, hover over it and click its Delete icon.




Below the images, choose whether this will be a Local or Nationwide broadcast. While the typical NearBuys broadcast is local (within 7 miles of a specific ZIP code), nationwide broadcasts can be used for items that can be shipped, or for offers from a store with multiple locations. Use our Heatmap to see where your customers are!

The fields in the next section depend on the selected category and subcategory. In this example, the food name is “Large Pizza: 2 for 1.” Because this is a food listing, there is also a Freshness field. You’ll probably find more than one option on this list that works - choose one that speaks to your potential customers, such as “Fresh and ready to sell!” 



Other fields:

  • Price: List a price only if you want to enable in-app purchases. Otherwise, list $0.00.
  • What’s Great About This: Write a short “hook” description of the offer - easy to read and understand by app users with small screens.
  • Quantity: If you have a specific item quantity, list that number here. Otherwise, leave the default value.
  • Description: A longer description of the offer, which could include terms, conditions, broader explanations, back story, etc.

If you have a promotional or descriptive video on YouTube, paste that link in the Video Link field. Use the optional Additional Info field to let customers know about parking, business ownership, home delivery, etc. Multiple options can be selected. Finally, Offer Time Period is an optional field in which you can list any time restrictions. (Note that this is just informational for app users; what you enter here won’t affect the offer itself or its broadcast schedule.)


When finished, scroll back up to the top and click Save to Offer Library


Now that your offer is saved, you have two choices: activate the offer now or wait until later.


If you’re ready to make the offer active, which sends out an immediate broadcast, click Activate Offer. The active offer will then be listed in your Dashboard under Current Offers.



If you want to activate the offer later, you can sit back and do nothing for now. Because the offer is saved, it appears in your Dashboard under Offer Library.


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