NearBuys Vendor Offers Target Geography, not Personal Details

Michael Hoagland
Michael Hoagland
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In today's marketing landscape, offers pursue you, creating an uncomfortable feeling that "they" know you all too well.

NearBuys marketing is different, with customers receiving offers based solely on where they want to be found. Customers can pursue offers in their own locale, or any other, by manually changing their zip code location.  


Think about how you get ads these days, and how invasive it feels.

  • Email / text ads: If you've ever made an online purchase (who hasn't?), you probably receive dozens of marketing emails or texts each day. Some are from companies you don't even know, who spend fortunes to purchase email lists.
  • Social media ads: In addition to your location, they know your age, gender, income, interests , and purchase and browsing history. It feels like your mind is being read when they present targeted ads.
  • TV or streaming platform ads: The media giants might not know whose eyeballs are on their screens at any moment. But their ads are based on the type of progamming, time of day, and other personal factors.




NearBuys offers a solution.

Vendors maximize business exposure, with zero invasion of consumer privacy or knowledge of personal details, purchase or browsing history. 

Vendors broadcast offers based on things like area census data alone, not your personal browsing or purchase history. Offers can be sent to an area surrounding a physical business. Or vendors can broadcast to ZIP codes that have their desired demographics (this is essentially how chain stores locate their franchises). This also applies to offer feeds - what customers see is based first on the where they want to be found, then filtering for offers. 


NearBuys puts the power in the hands of both customers and businesses, providing the freedom to send and receive offers with no privacy violation.



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